Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend Update

As previously mentioned, we went to Portland this weekend. The main reason for the trip was so Erik could visit a junk yard in Vancouver to look for car parts, but since Dave's bday was coming up I wanted to see him too.

The junk yard was a bust for the most part, although I did capture this sweet picture of a Pontiac hood with my cell phone:

and Erik did find a repro part for the Goat.

One of the best things about Portland is the sidewalk ponies. We didn't actually see any ponies this time around, but there was a giraffe in a turtleneck and one leg warmer right by our hotel which was almost more exciting.

We finished off the trip by taking Dave out to breakfast for his birthday. Can you tell he's a little cranky about turning 31?

Then we picked up a credenza we'd bought the day before, loaded it into the car and headed out of town. Unfortunately the sucker was about 6 inches too long for our station wagon, so we both had to pull our seats up ALL THE WAY to the dashboard to get it in the car. It was a joyous 2.5 hours in pouring rain, let me tell you.

OK, now it's time for me to read a little and wait for this crazy winter storm that's supposedly headed our way.
WINTER STORM, 2007!!! Woo hoo!

Oh! P.S.! You can now add comments without signing up for blogger. Yay!


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