Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Extra chlorine in mine, please

Work has been crazy lately. It sounds like there are going to be quite a few lay-offs coming this fall and everyone seems to be standing in groups of 3 and 4, talking in hushed tones in the hallway.

I can't live like that, I'm more of a "work through the pain" kind of person. So I decided to take the week off and get some things done around the house. And it is AWESOME.

In two days I have managed to:
*buy printer refill cartridges and CDRs at Office Depot
*clean the kitchen and living room
*take bags of clothes and assorted other items to Goodwill
*I finally bought some of those silly quilted zip-up thingys to put my
grandma's china in
*got some pictures framed
*weed the sideyard and planted some nice ferns and heuchera
*mixed some compost in with the soil in the front and sideyard
*cut back two trees on our front porch
*called someone to haul away a cement utility sink in the basement
*posted some stuff on craigslist
*got poked by my acupuncturist
*cooked warm spinach and brussel sprout salad with bacon one night and black bean and soyrizo soup the second night

All without breaking a nail!

I mentioned to Dokken that I was kind of liking this whole homemaker thing and I thought I'd make an excellent trophy wife.

'You'd get bored', was his reply.

Yes, I would get bored. But doesn't he realize that that's when you get a pool boy? Sheesh.



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