Monday, February 12, 2007

He Even Does Laundry

My husband is a wonderful, wonderful man. As I type, he is in our basement tying little wires to thingamajiggers. Why? Because we are finishing our basement.

As of a month ago our basement had a cement floor, drafty old cracked windows from the 1930's, some cement on the walls, and the rest was uninsulated wood. It is cold, it is dark, it is full of spiders, and worst of all slugs could creep in under the yucky door that was down there.

We still have the cement floor and wood walls, but we've replaced the windows, put in insulation, framed the walls, and put in a new door. So long, slugs!

As an aside, if you ever want to show before and after pictures of something, it turns out to be vitally important that you actually take the before picture y'know, before you do anything. A little bit of advice from me to you.

So we're doing this all in fits and starts as we have the money which means that it will probably take forever, but the little bit of progress we've made so far is so exciting. For awhile there it was so much fun to come home from work, throw my things down and go running downstairs to see what our contractor had done while I was at work. It's kind of like having Santa Claus come into your basement and cut wood.

Now we are at the point that wiring has to be put in and decisions must be made. Dokken decided that we should do the wiring to save money. I think that this whole arrangement of coming home to find Santa had put in windows was working nicely, and frankly don't see why he's gotta get all DIY on me.

So here is the deal. He is putting in wiring, and I am picking out sconces for the walls. Ta-daaaaaaa!

For my next number, I will figure out an inexpensive and fashionable way to hide our furnace while enabling us to access said heating equipment. I do what I can, my friends.

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