Monday, January 29, 2007

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Or in this case, HELL yeah!

My new band spent Saturday and Sunday at my friend's house recording six original songs! We got all the music tracks, overdubs, and lead vocals done in one long day on Saturday, then came back Sunday for some quickie backing tracks, handclaps, what have you.

Hopefully we'll get the rough mixes in a week or so, then we'll be ready to set up our silly MySpace band page. We've also got a photo shoot coming up in a few weeks so we can get rolling on our webpage. Oh! AND we have a logo now.

I am ridiculously happy about all of this. I can't believe how smoothly recording went and how much fun we had through all of it.

I realize this post probably isn't very exciting for anyone but Paula, Shelly, Kirsten, and I, but you will be when you hear us. Or not. Whatever, dude, it's cool.


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